Steering & Suspension

Properly maintained steering and suspension components are essential for a safe and enjoyable ride. This portion of your vehicle ties the wheels to the body with many links, joints and arms. At Downtown Auto Service, our expert technicians can carefully examine your vehicle’s suspension and perform the necessary repairs to ensure optimal driving performance.
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Shock absorbers, commonly known as shocks, are mechanical components that function to minimize the impact of bumpy roads. Effective shocks can efficiently reduce the discomfort caused by rough terrain, leading to better ride comfort and vehicle stability. However, when shocks malfunction, driving on uneven roads can become unpleasant, and your vehicle may continue to bounce and shake over rough surfaces. To diagnose and repair any problems with your vehicle’s shocks, we encourage you to bring your car to Downtown Auto. Our skilled technicians can help you get your vehicle back to a smooth and stable ride.


Similar to shock absorbers, struts play a crucial role in providing a smooth ride by reducing the impact of uneven road surfaces. By absorbing bumps, struts enable passengers to travel in a car without constant motion and discomfort. However, struts differ from shocks in that they offer structural support to your car’s suspension, thereby supporting its weight. Unlike shocks, which only control the transfer of weight, struts typically last between 80,000 to 100,000 miles before their damping qualities start to degrade over time. If you have any questions or concerns about the struts in your vehicle, feel free to contact Downtown Auto Service at 920-437-1665. Our experienced technicians can assess any issues and guide you in making the right repair decisions.

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