Downtown Auto Does Oil Changes

Regularly changing the oil in your vehicle is a simple, cost-effective method of prolonging your engine’s life. This is because oil acts as a barrier between the pistons, rings, and cylinder walls, reducing friction and preventing wear.

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Domestic General Repair

Despite driving with utmost caution, your domestic car will require periodic general maintenance. These repairs can include engine and electrical diagnostics, alignments, brake servicing, front and rear end services. To complete repair and maintenance services for your domestic vehicle, get in touch with Downtown Auto Service. Our skilled technicians are proficient in handling even the most complex domestic vehicles.

Import General Repair

Import cars are often preferred for their affordability and stylish designs. Like all vehicles, they will require maintenance and general repairs over time. However, repairing and maintaining these vehicles can be challenging due to the specialized tools and knowledge required. At Downtown Auto Service, we specialize in providing professional general repairs for import vehicles. Our team has the expertise and tools necessary to handle any issues with your import vehicle and get it running like new again. Don’t hesitate to contact or visit us today for reliable import vehicle repairs.

Fleet Maintenance and Repair

As a fleet owner, it is essential to ensure that your fleet of trucks/vehicles is operational at all times. Any vehicle that is out of commission can potentially harm your business revenue and reputation for reliability. Collaborating with a reputable auto shop can help you maintain the roadworthiness of your fleet. At Downtown Auto Service, we specialize in fleet repairs and maintenance services. Our team of professionals ensures that all vehicles are serviced promptly and meet the required standards. We provide comprehensive fleet repairs and maintenance services to keep your fleet on the road.

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